"My vision is to harness the transformative power of creativity, and the unique power of musical performance, to help clients of any age or background achieve their goals or cope with personal challenges."

What does creative music involve?

Musical companionship - using musical elements like pulse, rhythm, melody, harmony and phrasing offers a frame for people to try out different ways of communicating and being together


Studio Recording - Participants really work hard at recording. Getting it right takes concentration, hard work, effort and enthusiasm but music motivates people because they love it


Words - Participants turn their personal stories into lyrics so that difficult feelings can be expressed and contained within the music.

About Outsider Music

A wide range of equipment is available at music therapy sessions including:


Drums, keyboards, guitars and percussion instruments

Recording studio equipment

Computers, Laptop, Hard drives micro-phones, all cables, software, mixers and monitor speakers

Video equipment

Digital camera, tripod, computer and editing software, and hard drives.

About Jon Hall (MMT)

After graduating from the Royal College of Music in 1980, Jon has been instrumental in generating careers, sculpting hit records and lending his atmospheric soundtracks to film and adverts. He has over twenty years experience in music production, songwriting and remixing, built on a successful live career in the 1980s as alternative electronic band Kissing the Pink and as drum and bass producer JHQ in the 1990s.


Using his passion for music and belief in human potential Jon re-trained as a music therapist at Nordoff Robbins and set up APOD Music in 2006 with psychologist Jake Farr to bring together Psychology and Music into an experiential leadership programme for organisational development. Jon brings together his skills as music therapist, music producer and musician, working with clients with mental health issues, brain injury and learning disabilities.


Jon is renowned for capturing the authenticity of an artist. His enthusiastic and warm approach instantly puts people at ease in the studio allowing musical ideas to emerge in a natural way.


His passion for music and belief in human potential enables him to get incredible results from all participants regardless of their experience. Anyone who works with Jon finds a heightened level of confidence and faith in their own ability and his expertise in song writing and production ensures that clients walk away with a result that they can be proud of.

I am committed to being:


Friendly & Supportive

I am approachable, friendly and offer a safe, comfortable environment where people feel welcomed, accepted and understood. I deliver accessible, tailored services and respond to the individual needs, circumstances and views of my clients.



My music therapy work is subject to peer supervision and I regularly evaluate the services I provide and collect feedback from clients.


I work hard to comply with the standards of conduct, performance and ethics set out by the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) with whom I am registered.



The safety of my clients is my highest priority and I commit to work with clients in a safe and supportive environment, aware of the responsibilities to safeguard the people I work with. 



I recognise each person as unique and respond to my clients and colleagues as valued human beings, treating them with dignity and respect.